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Name of Project SOLAR VILLAGE
Developer/Manufacturer Responsable for operation of the energy systems: Nikos Davliakos
Project Location Athens (district Pefki), Greece
Year Of Commissioning 2000
Sustainable features in brief Space Heating: ? High performance (vacuum tube) solar collectors with oil-fired back-up ? Vacuum tube collectors with inter-seasonal storage (insulated water tank) and oil-fired back-up ? Solar air collectors with electric back-up system ? Centralized air-to-water heat pump, oil-fired with heat recovery and oil-fired back-up for 230 apartments in district heating ? Decentralised electrically driven air-to-water heat-pumps with oil-fired back-up systems ? Passive heating (Trombe-walls of different types, greenhouses) with electrical back-up Domestic hot water heating: ? Flat-plate solar collectors with central storage (per building), oil-fired back-up systems in winter and electrical back-up in summer ? Individual (per apartment) thermosyphon solar heaters with electrical back-up.
Detailed writeup
Full Case study
Stakeholders' perspectives Measure and evaluate the degree of acceptance and rational use of the applied energy systems by the inhabitants.
Documents related to Projects SUN WIND ? ENERGY 1/2006, Greek solar families - Pioneer with a delay: Solar village in Athens (pg. 62)
Performance Cover 90 to 100% of domestic hot water needs and around 60% of space heating energy consumption by solar energy.
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Solar thermal installation
Submitted By (User Id) Christoph Peters
Submitted By (Org) Institut Catal? d'Energia