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  Community Centre of Floreana
Name of Project Community Centre of Floreana
Developer/Manufacturer Arch. Josep Esteve, PV-Installation: Trama Tecnoambiental S. L.
Project Location Floreana Island, Gal?pagos, Ecuador
Year Of Commissioning 2003
Sustainable features in brief Building integrated PV installation in a new built community center, where also necessary equipment as inverters and batteries is allocated. 150 sqm of PV modules with a generator power of 18 kWp generating electricity for 55 households in a multi-user hybrid grid taking advantage of the existing gensets as back-up systems.
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Stakeholders' perspectives ? Reduce substantially the operational deficit, ? Offer electricity service to all potential users 24 hours a day, ? Reduce substantially the dangerous fuel transports.
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Performance 31.000 kWh of electricity produced yearly by PV, equivalent to 85 kWh/d with the related CO2 emission savings and evoiding the dangerous fuel transport in this emblematic surrounding.
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Building integrated PV installation, autonomous PV installation, multi-user solar hybrid grid - MSG
Submitted By (User Id) Christoph Peters
Submitted By (Org) Institut Catal? d'Energia