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Name of Project Schiestlhaus
Developer/Manufacturer Pos architekten, Vienna
Project Location Hochschwab region, Austria
Year Of Commissioning 2005
Sustainable features in brief Energy selfsufficient building, which uses an integrated package of thermal collectors (46 m2 in fa?ade), photovoltaic elements (7,5 kWp - 68 m2) and sufficient storage capacities for power and heat supply. Rape oil operated block-type power plant as backup for power and heat supply. Solar passive design and ventilation system with heat-recovery. Low consumption lighting.
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Stakeholders' perspectives Alpine mountain refuges are a typical example of buildings in ?island locations? in Austria and in the whole alpine region. They are situated at locations that are exposed, difficult to reach, and ecologically very sensitive. Their location far away from the public networks of water and power supply as well as of sewers often causes great problems concerning supplies as well as high environmental impacts. On the other hand, they are situated in places where solar irradiation is significantly higher than average and therefore offer a great potential for the use of solar systems for energy supply.
Documents related to Projects "intelligente architektur", pages 22-29, edition 55, April - June 2006, Verlagsanstalt Alexander Koch GmbH, Leinefeld-Echterdingen - Germany
Performance Passive house standard. Mechanical ventilation uses fresh air equipment with high-performance heat exchangers with the exhaust air with an efficiency of up to 85%. Remaining heat supply for space heating and domestic hot water is effected by means of three buffer storage tanks with a total capacity of 2,000 litres, which are fed, for the most part, by the facade integrated thermal collectors. More than 60% of the annual electrical energy requirement can be covered by the 7,5 kWp photovoltaic system. The remaining power and heat supply requirement is provided by a rape oil operated block-type power plant..
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Solar hot water system. PV system, low energy construction, water and waste water management
Submitted By (User Id) Christoph Peters
Submitted By (Org) Institut Catal? d'Energia