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Bioenergy for India: prospects, problems and tasks Edit
Article Title Bioenergy for India: prospects, problems and tasks
Published In Energy for Sustainable Development, Vol. VII, No. 1, March 2003, pp 28-34
Publisher Name Energy for Sustainable Development
Abstract Biomass energy has always been considered an important element in the energy planning of a tropical country such as India. However, the attention of energy planners is focussed mainly on firewood and agro residues as sources of energy. In this paper the total annual biomass growth in India, including leaves, grasses and weeds, has been examined. The implication of the large livestock population for the availability of leafy biomass as a source of energy has been explored. The low conversion efficiency of the traditional use of bullock power has been pointed out. The improvements possible with a modern use of fodder biomass through biogas production are indicated. The strategy for a more efficient use of biomass resources has been discussed.
Author's Name Jagadish, K S
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Year 2003
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