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Socio-economic impact of solar home systems in rural Sri Lanka: a case-study Edit
Article Title Socio-economic impact of solar home systems in rural Sri Lanka: a case-study
Published In Energy for Sustainable Development, Volume IX No. 2, June 2005, 5-9
Publisher Name Energy for Sustainable Development
Abstract The use of solar photovoltaic systems of 25 Wp to 50 Wp (frequently called solar home systems, or SHSs) has been spreading fast in the rural areas of Sri Lanka as a source of energy used for domestic lighting, mainly because of the financial incentives provided by the donor agencies and aggressive marketing strategies of the SHS dealers in rural areas. This paper presents the outcome and the analysis of a study conducted with the objective of investigating the social, economic and environmental impact of SHSs in rural Sri Lanka. The study involved conducting a survey of 125 households having SHSs, in the Uva province of Sri Lanka, through personal visits. It is concluded that the large-scale penetration of solar home systems in Sri Lanka has helped rural communities both in terms of improved socio-economic conditions and reduced adverse environmental impacts, contrary to the belief that the financial burden of such systems imposed on the families outweighs the benefits. But when comparing the benefits os SHSs against the extension of the national grid the country needs to seriously examine its options for the areas currently targeted by SHS dealers.
Author's Name Wijayatunga Priyantha D. C., Attalage Rahula A.
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Year 2005
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