What is Alternative Energy? Why Solar Energy Source is Better Alternative Energy Source

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Source Introduction

With the current surge in the consumption of energy, it is clear that fossil fuels are no longer reliable. Additionally, fossils continue to contribute to climate-changing factors and a tremendous amount of pollution. On the contrary, Alternative energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, etc are just evolving but currently are not in a position to withstand current energy consumption demands. In this article first, we will discuss Alternative energy sources and traditional energy sources, after that, we will discuss what is the difference between them. Besides, we will also compare both with pros and cons.

Alternative Energy

What is an Alternative Energy Source?

The term “alternative energy” refers to energy without the use of fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, and diesel). This term also includes renewable and nuclear energy sources. One of the main advantages of alternative energy is that it never runs out. We are rapidly running out of fossil fuels, so alternative energy sources are more advantageous than traditional ones. The biggest advantage is that many do not require damaging or expensive extraction techniques because much of it is readily available on the surface. Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy, etc are a few examples of alternative energy.

Fossil Fuels
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What Are Traditional Energy Sources

Fossil fuels are renewable sources of energy. Once these fuels are all used up they can’t be replenished and it means there will be no fossil fuels. Fossils were not created in a year it took they took thousands of years to form. Researchers discovered the remains of millions of years old dead plants, animals, and marine organisms beneath the earth’s surface. Under the huge amount of heat and pressure, the deceased dead remains were turned into fossils. Common examples of fossil fuels include oil, natural gas, and coal. With the use of fossils, humans have become dependent on them. Most importantly covering the main aspects like oil-based automobiles, and cola-based thermal plants cover our lives 24×7.

Fossil Fuels

Advantages of using Traditional Energy sources like Fossil Fuels

  • Industrial use.
  • Production of electricity especially through thermal power stations.
  • Supporting the transportation sector.
  • They can be found very easily.
  • Fossils are inexpensive.
  • Some of the fossils such as coal are abundantly available to us.
  • They are easily found and easily meet our energy demands.

Disadvantages of Using Fossil Fuels

  • Most importantly they emit carbon footprints which ultimately are catastrophic for the whole globe.
  • Fossils pollute the air, and land, directly and indirectly.
  • They cant be replenished once exhausted.
Solar Energy

Why Solar Energy Is a Better Alternative Energy Source, Pros, and Cons

The most abundant source of energy on earth is solar energy. However, It fuels the plants we use for food and fuel and powers wind and weather in the sky.

The huge amount of sun rays that strike the earth’s surface in an hour and a half is enough to handle the entire world’s energy use for a full year.

Advantages of Solar Energy:

  • Solar energy emits no carbon gasses and hence does not increase carbon footprints.
  • Solar power does not emit pollution directly when in operation.
  • Solar power reduces electricity bills.
  • Solar radiation while in continuous use for years still needs less maintenance.
  • Solar energy is an abundant resource than other sources humans know of.
  • Solar energy is replenishable and will never exhaust or run out.
Alternative Energy

Disadvantages of Solar Energy:

  • Solar energy is dependent on the weather.
  • Solar energy is dependent on daytime. During night time they cant be consumed.
  • Solar products are costly during the initial setup.
  • Solar energy will meet energy demands when used in more spaces. Besides, less space means fewer energy requirements.
  • Few countries sun does not rise for many days and hence solar energy is not a solution there as an energy resource.
Alternative Energy

Fossils Fuels Vs Solar Energy Sources:

But due to increasing demand for energy consumption fossil reserves are getting depleted rapidly. Scientists predict that fossil fuels will be depleted at this rate and that if humans do not develop a permanent solution, we will face an energy crisis.

Keeping such considerations in mind researchers have found Solutions to the depleted fossils. Moreover, among many solutions, the best is considered solar energy. Solar energy is a clean, and abundant source and it will continue to benefit humans. Although both traditional sources and solar energy have disadvantages. But two main points which have researchers led toward solar energy it is inexhaustible and it does not contribute to climate change.

Energy Data
Comparing Alternative Energy Sources and Traditional Energy Sources:
  • Traditional sources of energy are going to get exhausted someday while solar is inexhaustible energy. Sun will be around us for another 6.5 billion years.
  • Alternate Energy like Solar energy is clean& green energy while traditional sources emit carbon gasses and pollute the air.
  • Automobiles using fossil fuels are costly while fuels used by solar cars are free.
  • The potential of the Sun’s energy is more than traditional sources.
  • Solar energy can power satellites in space for far more time than other traditional fuels which are used.
  • Solar energy generators are not noisy while generators which used traditional sources are comparatively noisy.
  • Currently, Traditional sources serve us 24 hours a day, however, Solar energy is only available during the day and when it is not raining or snowing.
  • Switching from traditional sources to solar in local households is proving much more efficient and with many benefits than the latter.
  • Solar parks need much more space than fossil-based thermal plants.
  • A single 100MW solar farm capable of powering 75,000 households necessitates 45,000 tonnes of iron ore and 75,000 tonnes of concrete.  According to current plans, the world will require a 200 to 2,000 percent increase in the mining of cobalt, lithium, dysprosium, and other metals. Then it will need massive mining operations. This can create soil pollution while on other hand traditional sources while mining does not create land pollution.
  • To visit the official website of the Indian Ministry of Power- Click Here
  • To visit the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy- Click Here

Solar energy is the best chance of humans switching from traditional sources. Meanwhile, other sources of clean energy such as wind, biomass, hydropower, geothermal, etc. also help in switching from traditional sources. But solar energy is the best among traditional energy sources in terms of clean energy.

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