What is Bitcoin Energy Consumption? How does Crypto Mining Consume Energy? History & Future of Crypto Mining

Bitcoin Energy Consumption Introduction Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency, it is meant for usage on the internet. There are many cryptocurrencies available today, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano. There are numerous benefits to using cryptocurrency. It works all over the world through the internet and becoming more popular in the market. Some economists … Read more

Energy Consumption in India: The future of Energy Consumption in India

Introduction Energy Consumption in India As per the reports from various news agencies, power consumption in India rose by 13.31% annually. The total power consumption in India is 127.39 billion units as of September 2022 Everything, from humans to machines, relies on energy to function. Around the world, energy is being consumed at an alarming … Read more

What is Fossil Fuel? History, Pros, and Cons, How Fossil Fuels are Going to Vanish One Day

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Why the Cost of Petroleum Products is Rising? Who decides the Cost of Petrol, Impacts of High Fuel Prices on the Economy?

Introduction Cost of Petroleum Products Crude oil is extracted from beneath the earth and is taken out in the impure form. Then crude oil is cleaned through refining processes and converted into usable products. But as technology and energy demands have evolved humans became dependent on them from household to industrial levels. As petroleum products … Read more

What is Alternative Energy? Why Solar Energy Source is Better Alternative Energy Source

Alternative Energy Source Introduction With the current surge in the consumption of energy, it is clear that fossil fuels are no longer reliable. Additionally, fossils continue to contribute to climate-changing factors and a tremendous amount of pollution. On the contrary, Alternative energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, etc are just evolving but currently … Read more