What is Crude Oil? History, How Petroleum Products are Extracted from Crude Oil, Major Oil Producing Countries

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What is Solar Vehicle? How Do They Work? Major Solar Vehicle Companies, Pros, and Cons

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What is Electricity and How it is Produced? History, Future, Pros and Cons

INTRODUCTION Electricity is the heart of maximum technologies out there such as TV, computers, mobiles, Air Cooling devices, and many more all are operating with the power of electricity. Mainly, Electric generators are sources to generate electric power. Basically, in today’s article, we will focus on electricity. The production process of electricity,  the pros, and … Read more

What is Thermal Power Plant? Working Principles, Pros and Cons

Thermal Power Plant Introduction With the improvement in GDP, the economy in India has experienced significant growth in energy consumption after Independence. Thermal Power plant use different fuels such as coal, natural gas, diesel, etc. to convert liquid to steam to generate electric power. In today’s article, we will talk about thermal energy in India … Read more

What is a Hydroelectric power plant? History, Hydroelectric Plants in India

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What is Global Warming? Definition| Causes| Effects on EarthGlobal Warming

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What is a Carbon Footprint? Reasons | How Can We Reduce Carbon Footprint

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