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Bhai Dooj Date 2023:- The day after Diwali celebrations is dedicated to celebrating Bhai Dooj, also known as Bhaiya Dooj. Bhau Beej, Bhai Bij, Bhatru Dwitiya, Bhav Bij, Bhatri Ditya, Bhai Phota, Bhai Fota and Bhai Tikka are some more names for Bhai Dooj. The holy bond between a brother and sister is honored on this day. Sisters pray for their brother’s lifespan and prosperity while placing tilak on their foreheads. In accordance with Bhai Dooj Date 2023, the festival of Bhai Dooj will be observed with great passion on Wednesday 15 November following Diwali. You get every information regarding this article.

Bhai Dooj 2023

The Hindu lunar month of Kartika’s second day of the brilliant fortnight is Bhai Dooj. This auspicious day also known as Bhai Dooj or Bhaiya Dooj generally happens in October or November. Sisters pray for their brother’s long life and good health as they exchange gifts and tilaks on their foreheads on this day.

Bhai Dooj Date 2023

Dreamville Festival 2023

When brothers express their love and care for their sisters by giving them gifts in return, the bond of love and dedication between them is reinforced. This year’s Bhai Dooj 2023 will take place on 15 November 2023.

Overview of Bhai Dooj Date 2023

Festival NameBhai Dooj 2023
Also Known AsYama Dwitiya
Date14 November 2023
Tithi StartFrom 2:36 p.m on 14 November 2023 to 1:47 pm  on 15 November 2023
Bhai Dooj Pm Time01:17 Pm to 03:38
Bhai Dooj ObservancesGift SharingFeast and SweetsPrayers and Aarti Sahodar Bond of Affection

Bhai Dooj Date 2023

The information that has been obtained indicates that the festival of Bhai Dooj will take place on 15 November but it has also come to light that the second date of Kartik month will begin at 2:36 p.m on 14 November 2023 and terminate at noon on 15 November 2023. It will conclude at 1:47 Therefore take note that on 14 November 2023 the auspicious Bhai Dooj Date you can also do tilak on your brothers. When applying Tilak to your brother on Bhai Dooj, make sure the plate has betel nuts, fruits, flowers, sweets, sandalwood and red and follow the guidelines to give your brother a Bhai Dooj.

Bhai Dooj Date 2023

Bhai Dooj Celebration 2023

Gifts are a common way for siblings to show their love and appreciation for one another. In exchange, brothers usually give their sisters thoughtful presents and sisters prepare delicious dinners for their brothers. On the auspicious day of the Bhai Dooj festival, sisters perform the tilak ceremony which entails placing a vermillion tilak on their brother’s forehead. It is said that this tilak symbolizes health and safety.

In today’s culture, siblings still have a special place in their hearts during Bhai Dooj. Although the celebration has evolved, the underlying traditions have not. In today’s fast paced world, Bhai Dooj is about more than just being physically there, it’s about expressing love via kind words, virtual celebrations and thoughtful gifts that are given over long distances.

Bhai Dooj Significance 2023

It is also said in another version that Yama, god of death, visited his sister Yami or Yamuna on this day. She threw on a tilak, served him a delicious meal and greeted him warmly. With tears welling up in her eyes, Yama said that everyone who got a tilak on this day from their sister would live a long life. Bhai Dooj or Yama Dwitiya, happens on the second day of the Diwali celebration each year. It honors the special bond between brothers and sisters and represents safety as well as affection. Sisters pray for their brother’s well being and get tikkas vermilion marks on their foreheads while brothers exchange gifts and make promises to safeguard their sisters.

Date and Time Bhai Dooj 2023

Bhai Dooj Start Date15 November 2023
Dwitiya Tithi Start Date14 November 2023 at 02:36 pm
Dwitiya Tithi Close Date15 November 2023 at 01:47 pm
Bhai Dooj Evening Time01:17 pm to 03:38 Pm

Bhai Dooj Year Wise Observances

Date DayYear
23 OctoberThursday2025
3 NovemberSunday2024
14 NovemberTuesday2023
26 OctoberWednesday2022
6 NovemberSaturday2021
16 NovemberMonday2020
29 OctoberTuesday2019
9 NovemberFriday2018
21 OctoberSaturday2017
1 NovemberTuesday2016
13 November Friday2015

Bhai Dooj Pauranik Katha 

The children were quite fond of one another. Yamuna would regularly visit her brother’s home and invite him to come over. But since he would always be under time constraint, the God of Death would never be able to carry out his word. One day, he decided to give his sister a surprise. When he arrived at her house, Yamuna was overjoyed to see him. To greet him, she put a tilak on his forehead and sprinkled him with Akshat. This is a custom carried out by his siblings, who also took great care of him and prepared a range of meals.

FAQs Bhai Dooj Date 2023

When is the 2023 Bhai Dooj?

The second day of Diwali 14 November is Bhai Dooj in 2023.

What other name is the Bhai Dooj event known by?

Dwitiya Yama

When is Bhai Dooj 2023?

From 14 November 2023 at 2:36 p.m until 15 November 2023 at 1:47 p.m.

What is Bhai Dooj’s significance?

Bhai Dooj is important because it represents the feelings, respect and protection that siblings have for one another. On this day, brothers give presents and blessings to their sisters and sisters pray for their brother’s health and long life.

When is Bhai Dooj celebrated by two brothers?

No, Bhai Dooj is a unique day to honour the link and friendship between a brother and sister.

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