Capital One Class Action Settlement, $190 Million Data Breach Settlement, Payments Date

Capital One Class Action Settlement :- In July 2019, 106 million Capital One Settlement credit card applicants and holders in the US and Canada had their personal information accessed by an unauthorized hacker. Emails about class action compensation payments that were sent by EpiqPay are legitimate according to the Capital One Class Action Settlement website. The settlement administrator paid the first payment on 28 September 2024 and the deadline is 27 November 2024.

Capital One Class Action Settlement 

These days, cyberattacks are so common that victims frequently lose millions of dollars as a result. The attackers gather all of the user data and utilize their skill to carry out these crimes. These have increased in frequency in the US and hackers have obtained the private information of almost 98 million people. Therefore, the Capital One Settlement Claim 2024 has been developed for businesses like Capital One Bank, Amazon and other businesses to address this issue. 

Capital One Class Action Settlement

What is Coal Energy

For those who were assaulted as a result of cybercrimes the compensation claim has now offered a number of advantages. In addition to other advantages the proposed Settlement requires Capital One to establish a $190 million Settlement Fund. The Capital One Claim Settlement Form 2024 may be obtained by completing the claim settlement form which must be completed through the official website by 27 November 2024 as the deadline. 

Overview of Capital One Class Action Settlement 

Settlement NameCapital One Class Action Settlement 
Company NameCapital One Financial Corporation
Start Date28 September 2024
Last Date27 November 2024
Claim ModeOnline
Official WebsiteClick here

How to Claim Capital One Class Action Settlement 

A claim form together with the PIN needed for filing and the claimant’s unique ID must be submitted. On or before 27 November 2024, the claim form must be completed in its entirety and submitted. Along with the form, you must send in any supporting documents that may help prove your claim such as bank records, invoices, receipts and cancelled checks. In 2024, the settlement procedure will begin on September 28.

If a customer is eligible to make a claim, they must click the Claim Payment link as soon as possible as stated in the email that promised to send them. You will be sent to the payment dashboard with many payment options after clicking the link. Claimants must select their chosen payment method in order for the system to process their claim and provide compensation.

Benefits of Capital One Class Action Settlement 

Pango will provide restoration services to Settlement Class members who have not filed a claim, submitted documents or registered in Identity Defense Services. The Class members might access the Payments as of 28 September 2024. An email with the updated payment method will be forwarded to the other students in the class.

Capital One Class Action Settlement 

Documents of Capital One Class Action Settlement 

  • Order Against Motion to Dismiss
  • Second Amended Complaint
  • Capital One Amended Answer
  • Settlement Agreement and Release
  • Preliminary Approval Order
  • Plaintiff’s Motion for Award of Attorneys Fees
  • Notice of Hearing Motion for Fees Expenses
  • Plaintiff’s Motion for Final Order

Who Qualifies for money in the Capital One Settlement

Nearly 98 million applicants and cards are eligible to file a claim, according to Capital One, which stated that it mailed letters and received emails from users whose bank account information or Social Security number was stolen in the incident. Should you believe you qualify but did not get a notification, you can seek assistance by contacting the settlement administrator at 855-604-1811.

Relief Capital One Class Action Settlement 

Relief under the Settlement includes:

  • Cash payment for Out-of Pocket Losses
  • Cash Payment for Lost Time
  • Identity Defense Services
  • Restoration Services
  • Capital One Business Practice Changes

What is the possible payment from the Capital One settlement?

  • Class members may be entitled to reimbursement for up to $25,000 in lost productivity and breach related expenditures such as fees for data security, fraud investigation and identity theft prevention.
  • At a rate of $25 per hour, up to 15 hours of lost time spent fixing the issue may be recovered. 
  • In addition to $1 million in identity theft and fraud insurance, the settlement includes three years of free Pango Group identity protection, which includes identity monitoring, lost wallet protection, security freeze, dark web monitoring, account restoration and identity monitoring. 

What’s the Deal Regarding This Capital One Lawsuit Settlement?

In the Capital One data breach that impacted over 106 million Capital One credit card cardholders in the US and Canada, unauthorized hacker Paige A. Thompson was found guilty. The financial data leak is one of the largest US data breaches to date. Reports state that the hacker gained unauthorized access to the bakery company’s data and stole files containing personally identifiable information including credit ratings, social security numbers, zip codes, payment history and contact details.

Administrator Capital One Class Action Settlement 

  • Pay cash for time and out-of-pocket losses.
  • Regardless of claim status, purchase identity defense and restoration services for every member of the settlement class.
  • Cover notice and administrative costs for the settlement class.
  • Reward settlement class reps and other deposed class members with court approved service awards.
  • Pay fees for lawyers, costs and charges as directed by the court.

FAQs Capital One Class Action Settlement 

What is EpiqPay?

EpiqPay is the official digital payment method for Epiq Class Action & Claims Solutions, Inc. Those who are eligible for reimbursements can use EpiqPay to submit claims in a simple, fast, convenient, and safe manner. This page includes casespecific information concerning the payment notification you may have received recently, along with basic EpiqPay information.

How much will the Capital One Settlement Payout be in total in 2024?

$190 million is the whole amount of the Capital One Settlement Payout for 2024.

What date does the Capital One Settlement Claim Payment For 2024 fall on?

The date of the 2024 Capital One Settlement Claim Payment is 27 November 2024.

How are the Capital One Settlement Claim Form 2024 available to applicants?

The Capital One Settlement Claim 2024 will be sent to the applicants through email through EqipPay.

Where can people find out more information on the Capital One Settlement Claim 2024?

Through the website, people may see the specifics of the Capital One Settlement Claim 2024.

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