What Will Be The World’s Future Energy Sources? Examples, Pros & Cons

Introduction Future Energy Sources As we all know, present energy sources mainly depend on non-renewable energy sources and Fossil fuels, but these energy sources will be exhausted one day for sure, and their continuous use is becoming a threat to the environment. As a result, increased use of such energy is not a world-sustainable energy … Read more

What is Hydrogen Energy? History, Future, Uses, Pros and Cons

Hydrogen Energy Introduction Hydrogen fuel is considered one of the major future fuels to be used. Commercial fuel cell cars have started to use hydrogen as fuel. This fuel works in a carbon-free manner. This fuel is eco-friendly and has great potential ahead. We shall discuss H2 energy, its history, and its future in this … Read more

What is Alternative Energy? Why Solar Energy Source is Better Alternative Energy Source

Alternative Energy Source Introduction With the current surge in the consumption of energy, it is clear that fossil fuels are no longer reliable. Additionally, fossils continue to contribute to climate-changing factors and a tremendous amount of pollution. On the contrary, Alternative energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, etc are just evolving but currently … Read more

What is Geothermal Energy? Potential of Geo thermal Energy in India

The Energy that comes from the heat of the earth is known as geothermal energy. Humans have found ways to safely harness the earth’s heat energy to produce power. The heat of the earth is harnessed for heating purposes and to generate electricity. Geothermal is an old and reliable clean source of energy and has … Read more

What is Nuclear Energy and How it Works? History- Pros and Cons

Introduction Nuclear energy, also called atomic energy, originates from the nucleus, the core of an atom, made up of protons and neutrons. There are two ways to produce this type of energy: fission – when atom nuclei split into several parts – and fusion – when atom nuclei fuse together. Nuclear energy does not produce … Read more