What is Coal Energy – Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Coal Energy :- Coal is found today in sedimentary rocks on our planet Earth. Coal is also used for cooking, refueling, and building roads, among many other things. Along with this, it has many other uses. But have you ever wondered how coal was discovered or who first started using coal? Let us tell you that the earliest recognition dates back to 4000 BC, when Neolithic inhabitants in China made beautiful ornaments with black lignite. In those days, people used to call it Black Stone. After that, it was more common among Marco Polo and his fellow travelers, who named it “the black stone… that burns like a log.” If you want to get all the information related to coal, then we request that you read this article completely. So, under, we are going to give you all the information related to coal and Coal Energy.

What is Coal Energy?

Coal is a carbon-rich substance that is black or brown. Coal is easily found all over the world. Generally, coal is found in stratified sedimentary deposits. Let us tell you that coal can also be obtained in different ways. While it is a primary fuel source, it is also used as an essential raw material for many others, such as cement production, medicines, tar, and carbon fiber. Let us tell you that coal is produced in China, India, and Asia. In this article, we are going to talk about coal, its uses, and some important advantages and disadvantages.

Coal Energy

Advantages of Using Coal Energy

Coal Energy is not only used as a fuel, but it is also used for many other things. Along with this, the energy of coal coming out through this K is also used in our lives at many levels and in many big ways. This is done in many ways, which we are going to explain below in this article. If you want to get all kinds of information related to coal, then we request that you read this article till the end and get all the information related to coal.

Coal is Cheaper than Other Fossil Fuels

Coal, as you know, works as a fuel, but along with coal, there are many other fossil fuels that work as fuels, so let us tell you that coal is different from other fossil fuels. It is very cheap and easy to get than through which we get energy, so coal is very cheap fuel to use as a fuel.

Easy To Store

According to fuel coal, we can store coal in large quantities and at the same time it is not very easy to store other fuels except coal, many other fuel sources have fire as well as other hazards but Coal is a fuel which does not face any problem to store.

Ability to Convert Into Different Forms

One form of energy can be converted into another, in the same way fuel coal is such a source that if we get energy through it, then we can use the energy obtained through it in other things like That if you use fuel coal by burning it, after that the energy rising from it can be used as fuel and at the same time the remaining coal ash can be used for many other important works.

Disadvantages of Using Coal Energy

Although coal is very useful, there are many other disadvantages along with its use, but its use is greater and its misuse is much less. In the following, we are going to tell you about some of the disadvantages caused by coal, which are as follows:

It is Nonrenewable

If we use coal once, then after that we can’t use it twice. As you know, we get coal only after a full tenure of 100 to 200 years, so if we use it once, we can’t use it again. come 100 to 200 years planted through you will end in no time after giving some energy you can’t do it again But in today’s time, we can’t even get them coal.

Harmful to Health

If you spend a lot of time in a place such as coal mining and or in a place where coal is used as a human being. If you breathe in dust again and again, you will face many health problems like asthma, suffocation, and pneumonia. Out of this comes pneumoconiosis, also known as “black lung,” one of the most common of the diseases suffered by people living in coal mines. It occurs when you breathe in coal dust and are exposed to it for a long time, during which it settles on the lungs and often causes suffocation.

It is Harmful to Natural Habitat and Environment

Coal mining is always away from the residential places, from there the natural habitat is always disrupted as well as harms the environment. Hence, wildlife, groundwater, landscape, etc. get contaminated due to mining. Coal pollution also affects water sources for nearby communities.

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