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ENAM Farmer Registration 2024 | e nam रजिस्ट्रेशन | ई-नाम ऑनलाइन | enam.gov.in Registration online | e Nam Portal | ई-नाम ऑनलाइन किसान पंजीकरण | enam.gov.in Portal

Government is determined to provide more and more benefits to the farmers, and this is why this time, the ministry of agriculture and farmer welfare governed by the Central Government of India has launched ENAM Farmer Registration 2024. However, the in-charge of this e-Nam registration is SFAC. This platform has been created with the clear aim to educate farmers about different marketing methods. There are different process of marketplace which will be rationalised, promoting consistency in agricultural marketing. This will include cutting down of buyer-seller imperfect information along with promoting the real-time market pricing which is based on the real order and supply. Farmers from different level has come forward to get registered with this drive.

So, if you are also interested in taking part ENAM Farmer Registration 2024 then make sure to follow this post till the end. Because we are going to cover every detail related to e-nam Mandi Login which is launched online.

ENAM Farmer Registration 2024

e-NAM does stands for National Agriculture Market is a pan India electronic trading system and it is created with the aim to connect the existing APMC mandis which will then create unified national agricultural commodities market. However, local farmers are now eligible to apply for online registration under e Nam Portal Registration and the official address for the same is enam.gov.in. There is going to be a transparent auction process through this portal. Apart from that, this platform is going cater the pan-India trade in agricultural commodities aiming to accumulate better capital. Not only this, but this system is going to be based on quality of the product and punctual online payments.

ENAM Farmer Registration

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So, farmers from different level who are interested to opt for different marketing methods can get registered using this portal. However, they will be required to submit all of the important documents. After which, they can easily become a registered member under this ENAM Farmer Registration 2024 Portal. We are going to share full registration process with this post so stay tuned till the end. There are tons of advantages that are going to be available or the farmers around the country. Apart from that the farmers will be required to get a e-nam Mandi Login ID at @enam.gov.in

e Nam Portal Registration Overview

Name e NAM Portal
Established byAgricultural authorities of India
Languageई-नाम पोर्टल
BeneficiariesFarmers of India
ObjectiveOptimizing methods across integrated marketplaces to achieve consistency in agriculture marketing
Products to be sold on the portalAgricultural commodities
Scheme underCentral Government
Name of StateAll India
Official Websitewww.enam.gov.in

e-nam Mandi Login

e-NAM का अर्थ है राष्ट्रीय कृषि बाजार एक अखिल भारतीय इलेक्ट्रॉनिक व्यापार प्रणाली है और इसे मौजूदा APMC मंडियों को जोड़ने के उद्देश्य से बनाया गया है जो तब एकीकृत राष्ट्रीय कृषि वस्तु बाजार का निर्माण करेगी। हालांकि, स्थानीय किसान अब ई नाम पोर्टल पंजीकरण के तहत ऑनलाइन पंजीकरण के लिए आवेदन करने के पात्र हैं और इसके लिए आधिकारिक पता enam.gov.in है। इस पोर्टल के माध्यम से पारदर्शी नीलामी प्रक्रिया होने जा रही है। इसके अलावा, यह प्लेटफॉर्म बेहतर पूंजी जमा करने के उद्देश्य से कृषि जिंसों में अखिल भारतीय व्यापार को पूरा करने जा रहा है। इतना ही नहीं, यह व्यवस्था उत्पाद की गुणवत्ता और समय पर ऑनलाइन भुगतान पर आधारित होने जा रही है।

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इसलिए, विभिन्न स्तर के किसान जो विभिन्न विपणन विधियों को चुनने के इच्छुक हैं, वे इस e NAM Portal का उपयोग करके पंजीकरण करा सकते हैं। हालांकि, उन्हें सभी महत्वपूर्ण दस्तावेज जमा करने होंगे। जिसके बाद वे आसानी से इस ENAM किसान पंजीकरण 2024 पोर्टल के तहत एक पंजीकृत सदस्य बन सकते हैं। हम इस पोस्ट के साथ पूर्ण पंजीकरण प्रक्रिया साझा करने जा रहे हैं इसलिए अंत तक बने रहें। ऐसे कई फायदे हैं जो उपलब्ध होने जा रहे हैं या देश भर के किसान हैं। इसके अलावा किसानों को @enam.gov.in पर ई-नाम मंडी लॉगिन आईडी प्राप्त करने की आवश्यकता होगी।

Objectives of ENAM Farmer Registration 2024

Usually, farmers harvest the crops and used to face issues for selling them. Now, this lead intermediaries to purchase the crops from farmers and then selling then in market which then resulted into loss for the farmers. To solve these issues, government has come forward to launch a website named as National Agricultural Market (E-Name). now, by using e Nam Portal, farmers will be able to get registered with it and then sell their crops at a reasonable rates. Whereas, the money they get in exchange of crops will be directly transferred to their bank account. 

This online platform is intended to cater farmers with great marketing objectives which is to provide them competitive yet transparent market price along with the online payment method for the customers. But, the main aim behind ENAM Farmer Registration 2024 Portal is to optimize methods across different marketplaces to yield out consistency in agricultural marketing.

e-NAM Portal Benefits

here are some of the benefits that are offered by the e-NAM portal.

  1. It will create online trading system with transparency.
  2. It offers real time trade and fair price information.
  3. Optimised price will lead to more transparency in trading system.
  4. With this platform, the market access will be improved throughout the country. 
  5. Accurate information for commodity quality.
  6. The e-bidding process will be made transparent.
  7. The buyers would find transaction cost at reduced level
  8. Consumers can get the crops at consistent price and availability.
  9. The direct seller of the crops i.e. farmers will be able to get the higher prices.
  10. Payment will be easily done through the internet.
  11. There will be 100% assurance of delivery and payment.
  12. This portal will manage the certification, warehousing and logistics.
  13. It will leverage efficient supply chain transactions.

e-NAM Mandis Trade

The platform is available with diverse processes on ENAM Farmer Registration 2024 which involves markets having reduced rates of crops. Then there is a farmer registration plan which is going to standardise the marketing of agriculture. As e Nam Registration Portal is established to cater the electronic trading system throughout the country. The e-NAM stands for e National Agriculture Market. This will help the farmers who find it hard to get the right marketplace as they can come on this platform and find their spot. This would require them to go through the whole process of registration directed by the government.

Documents required for e-NAM Registration Portal

Here are some of the documents that are required to get registered with e Nam Portal. So make sure to keep them ready at the time of submitting application.

  • Passport size photograph
  • Aadhar Card
  • Identity Proof
  • Contact Number
  • Bank passbook or Check leaf

ENAM Farmer Registration 2024 Process

e-nam Mandi login
  • You will see homepage on your screen, now you have to click on the registration link.
  • You will see a new screen with some blank spaces.
e-nam Mandi
  • Now choose the ‘Registration Type’ and ‘Registration Level’.
  • Then move in to fill up the form with personal and professional details.
  • Then upload the important documents.
  • Then finally click on the submit button to complete the e-NAM portal online registration process.
  • After you are done with the registration, you will then receive a temporary Login ID and Password on your registered e-mail Id and Mobile Number.
  • Save the credentials for future reference.

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