Honda CB350 Cruiser Price in India, Seat Height,Launch Date & Mileage

Honda CB350 Cruiser :- Few names in the motorcycle industry have the same resonance as Honda. Honda has a reputation for excellence and a history of invention and it has continuously produced bikes that combine dependability, style and performance. The Honda CB350 Cruiser, an exciting new model to the Honda portfolio, will debut in 2023. More information and the most recent updates on the Honda CB350 Cruiser Price in India are provided in this post.

Honda CB350 Cruiser

The upgraded H’ness CB350 and CB350 have been unveiled by Honda India, HMSI’s elite motorcycle division. At a starting price of Rs 2.10 lakh, ex-display area, the new Honda CB350 and CB350RS for 2023 have been released in India. The engines on these classic cruiser motorcycles may now accept upgrades such as OBD-2. The vintage cruisers from Honda’s CB350 series are available in three different configurations. At a price that is accessible, the Honda CB350 Highness achieves a fantastic mix of performance, practicality and elegance. For individuals looking for a trustworthy and attractive employee or end of week transportation.

Honda CB350 Cruiser

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This bike delivers comfort and performance on the road thanks to its timeless design and strong engine. The CB350’s 348cc air cooled single cylinder engine provides enough power for highway driving along with smooth acceleration. It’s perfect for long rides and everyday commuting because of its low seat height and ergonomic design, which provide a comfortable riding position. In terms of features, the CB350 has traction control and ABS, two innovative safety technologies that improve stability and control in a variety of driving situations. 

Overview of Honda CB350 Cruiser

CompanyHonda CB350 Cruiser
Launch onNovember 2023
ModelCB350 Cruiser
Weight180 Kg
Top Speed125 Kms
Engine350 cc
Seat Height800 mm
Honda CB350 Cruiser

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Honda CB350 Cruiser Price in India

There is just one version available. Honda has not yet disclosed the bike’s color options. With its appealing construction and style, it should have a strong road presence. The CB350 Cruiser will retail for Rs.2,30,000 when it is first released. There will be a slight price rise from this brand’s Highness Cruiser model.

Honda CB350 Cruiser

Launch Date Honda CB350 Cruiser

The CB350 Cruiser will be on sale for Honda in the middle of November. But because it’s the holidays, we can see it in the market much earlier. It had a single cylinder, 350 cc air cooled engine. It includes two shock absorbers and a telescopic fork suspension much like the Highness model. Even so, this model is anticipated to have a number of significant external design improvements. 181 kg is the beast’s weight. The bike may also include a digital analog speedometer and odometer as well as Bluetooth connection.

Mileage Honda CB350 Cruiser

The Honda CB350 Cruiser has a mileage of 40 to 42 kilometers per liter when powered by gasoline. The handlebars are relaxed and broad on the bike. This improves the comfort of the ride while enhancing the riding experience. The bike will have a 20 liter gasoline capacity, which is much more than other bikes in this class. This bike’s LED lights make it efficient while still giving it a sleek, vintage appearance.

Seat Height Honda CB350 Cruiser

The bike will be 800mm tall with a low seat because it is a cruiser. Its 350cc engine has a 5500 rotation per minute maximum power output of 21.4 horsepower. At 3000 revolutions per minute, it can produce a maximum torque of 30 Newton meters. Like the company’s earlier models, the Honda CB350 Cruiser has a regular clutch, a slipper and a five speed gearbox. Bike aficionados can’t wait for this bike to premiere in a month and experience riding this stylish bike personally.

How to book a Honda CB350 Cruiser?

Any motorcycle enthusiasts who want to upgrade to the brand new Honda CB350 Cruiser can make a reservation by visiting the Honda dealership or using the company’s website. To make an online reservation go to the company’s main webpage. The Book now option will be shown on the main menu bar. Choose the new vehicle option under it and fill in all the necessary information. After that, select the bike’s model and the dealership before making your payment.

You may use your smartphone to manually search for the store or use the main site to find it if you would like to visit it in person. Check out the bike at the store and you can even give it a spin. Choose a payment plan and make the down payment, further installments or full payment in accordance with it to finish the booking. The Honda CB350 and CB350 RS are the company’s other cruiser bikes. The Honda CB350 Cruiser is a direct competitor to the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, according to the firm. It is one of the competitor company’s best selling bikes. The Benelli Imperial 400, Yezdi Roadster and Jawa Forty two Bobber are some of the other bikes in this category that motorcycle fans like riding.

FAQs Honda CB350 Cruiser

When did India get its first release of the Honda CB350?

In 2023, Honda introduced the Honda CB350 in India.

What is the cost of the Honda Heritage CB350 Tourer?

increased to Rs. 2.14 Lakh from Rs. 2.09 Lakh. Three variations of the Honda H’ness CB350 are available such as DLX, DLX Pro and the top model, H’ness CB350 DLX Pro Chrome which costs Rs. 2.14 Lakh.

Can a Honda CB350 be taken on a long ride?

But rather than being a cruiser, it leans more toward being a street bike. The Honda CB 350 looks more like a roadster than a cruiser. Due to its dependable engine that makes it possible to go long distances, it provides a fun experience for extended excursions. Furthermore, because of its high mileage, rides are usually reasonably priced. All things considered, the Honda Highness is regarded as an excellent cruiser.

Can you go far on a Honda CB350?

Yes, the bike is a cruiser. It’s a bike for long trips and city commutes. Both short city commutes and lengthy trips are appropriate for this bike.

What is the Honda cruiser bike’s maximum speed?

One of the most well liked touring bikes is the Honda Gold Wing, which is enormous but when you take off the touring accessories, you’ll discover a powerful engine and a vintage cruiser profile that can reach very high speeds.

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