NBA Standings 2024 | Playoff Predictions & All You Need To Know

NBA Standings 2024:- NBA games are known for their fast paced action, exceptional talent and fierce rivalries among professional athletes. Basketball fans are definitely getting on now more than ever as evidenced by the fact that the 2023 postseason was the most viewed NBA playoffs in five years. There are nine regular season games in the NBA Standings 2024 scheduled for 10 November to 07 December 2023. The matchups involving Dallas and the Clippers, Sacramento and Oklahoma City, Boston and Brooklyn and Memphis and Utah are some of the most thrilling.

NBA Standings 2024

The NBA regular season 2023-2024 will see 80 games played by each club. You can find out how many games each club has played, how many are left, who is in the playoffs, who is a play-in and who is out of the Eastern and Western Conferences for the upcoming postseason round by looking at this table, which gives the most recent point charts for each game.

NBA Standings 2024

It’s time to take a broad look at the conference after going over each division in depth and sharing our thoughts on each team’s summer and NBA Standings 2024 chances. My predictions, which serve as previews for each division, are only informed guesses based on the notion that every club will play 82 games. I’ll also share my basic predictions for the NBA playoffs with you.

Predicted Eastern Conference Standings 

These are strong teams no doubt but it seems unlikely that three of them will end with 52 wins, two with 46 and two more with 41. This also depends on the Harden and Lillard trades which may make or break the Heat or Sixers depending on the packages. But they expect to be much better throughout the regular season. I have the same thoughts about the Hawks. They may have the worst defender in the NBA in Trae Young but they have great players but doubtful depth.

  • Milwaukee 52-30
  • Cleveland 52-30
  • Boston 52-30
  • Philadelphia 49-33
  • New York 47-37
  • Miami 46-36
  • Atlanta 46-36
  • Orlando 41-41
  • Indiana 41-41
  • Chicago 38-44
  • Toronto 37-45
  • Brooklyn 34-48
  • Washington 29-53
  • Detroit 28-54
  • Charlotte 27-55

Though, unless Evan Mobley takes a major step forward Miami and Philadelphia probably have more championship equity than Cleveland, I still think that Milwaukee, Boston and Cleveland are the greatest regular season teams. In the postseason it’s hard to see New York winning more than a round or two given their lack of Tier I or even Tier II stars. 

NBA Standings 2024

Predicted Western Conference Standings

Just two Western Conference teams were predicted to win more than 50 games, while 11 teams were projected to win at least 43 games. That shows the tremendous level of competition among so many clubs this season as well as the parity that prevailed in the West the season before.  

Since at least one of the 11 teams will not even make it to the play-in round, supporters of any one of those 11 clubs would not believe you if you told them their team will miss the playoffs entirely. Several of the West’s teams with the lowest floors, Pelicans due to Zion’s entire situation, Clippers and Lakers due to their age and potential injuries and the Warriors due to their age and roster uncertainty also have the highest ceilings which presents a challenge. 

  • Denver 54-28
  • Phoenix 53-29
  • Memphis 50-32
  • Sacramento 48-34
  • Los Angeles Lakers 47-35
  • Dallas 46-36
  • Los Angeles Clippers 46-36
  • Golden State 45-37
  • Minnesota 45-37
  • New Orleans 44-38
  • Oklahoma City 43-39
  • Utah 33-49
  • Houston 28-54
  • Portland 27-55
  • San Antonio 26-56
NBA Standings 2024

NBA Playoff Predictions 2023-24

If the Heat are successful in getting Lillard, I find it tough to imagine them losing out on the NBA Finals. The Dame Jimmy Bam combo is an incredible blend of skill and fit, Erik Spoelstra has a way of augmenting teams depth from the outside. The Bucks might get a big player in the middle of the season but they are still growing older. The Nuggets incredible starting lineup still includes Jokic as the best player in the NBA. But Bruce Brown’s exit will hurt them a lot and it’s unlikely they’ll be as healthy as they were in 2023. 

They may also be my dark horse possibility to do far better than expected, even though I have the Thunder 11th if any of their many young men rise up. The Lakers, Clippers and Warriors are all capable of winning the Western Conference but due to significant age and injury concerns, I am unable to rank any of them.

FAQs NBA Standings 2024

How many NBA teams are there?

There are 30 teams in the NBA total.

What divides exists inside the NBA?

There are three divisions in each of the NBA‘s six conferences. The divisions of the Eastern Conference are Southeast, Central and Atlantic. Pacific, Southwest and Northwest are the divisions of the Western Conference. 

What is the number of games in the NBA regular season?

Each NBA team plays 82 games in the regular season. 

How long does the NBA season last?

The NBA postseason concludes in the second or third week of June after the regular season, which usually runs from October to mid April.

What is the number of conferences in the NBA?

The Eastern Conference and the Western Conference comprise the NBA.

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