“Notebandi,” ₹2000 Note Ban, RBI Rs2000 News Notice Pdf, Check Deposit Last Date

“Notebandi,” Says Opposition. “Rs 2,000 Notes Will Remain Valid,” Says BJP | ₹2000 Note Ban | RBI Rs2000 News Notice Pdf, Check Deposit Last Date

Notebandi,” in India once again, RBI has decided to withdraw ₹2000 Note from the market. Recently Reserve Bank of India has announced that from now onwards circulation of Rs 2000 note in India will stop. From may 19 2024 onwards rule of 2000 rupees note ban demonetization will implement. All those people who have the note and desire to exchange it can deposit it and the nearest bank and then collect the other legal tender. You can exchange rupees 2000 note till 30 September 2024. Only rupees 20000 at a time can be deposited by you in your nearest bank. You can exchange the notes multiple times by going to the bank branch in which you have bank account. For more detailed information about Notebandi  ₹2000 Note Ban you must read the further section of this article.

“Notebandi,” ₹2000 Note Ban

Notebandi :- The note of ₹2000 was introduced by the RBI under the section 24 sub section 1 of RBI act 1934 in November 2016. Rupees 2000 note was circulating across the country to meet the currency requirement of the economy after the withdrawal of legal tender status of all 500 and 1000 Bank notes circulating at the time. And now, once again in India, Reserve Bank of India has decided to withdraw currency circulating in the market. This time the announcement has been made for rupees 2000 note. 


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We all know that recently the news of ₹2000 Note Ban is circulated throughout the news channels. The news is absolutely right. Reserve Bank of India has decided to withdraw and stop the circulation of rupees 2000 note. It is decided that by 30th September 2024, rupees 2000 note will completely banned. All those people who have 2000 note can now deposit it in the bank in which they have account. People who have Rs 2000 note can exchange the notes till 30th September 2024.

Highlights Of ₹2000 Note Ban

Article about“Notebandi,” ₹2000 Note Ban
Announced byReserve Bank of India
Reason of Rs 2000 Note BanPurpose Resolved
Rs 2000 Note Demonetisation Notification19 May 2024
₹2000 Ban Implemented From19 May 2024
₹2000 Note Bank Deposit23 May 2024
Last Date to Deposit Rs 2000 Note30 September 2024
Where to DepositBank and RBI Regional Office
Maximum Deposit AllowedRs 20000/- in One Visit
Official Websiterbi.org.in

RBI Withdraws Rs. 2000 Note

Notebandi :- Reserve Bank of India has circulated a notification according to which the bank desire to withdraw rupees 2000 note circulating in the market. All the people across the country can exchange their notes till 30th September 2024 by visiting their nearest bank. You can also visit the RBI regional office located at different locations to get your notes changed. Maximum limit to exchange notes at a time at your nearest bank branch in which you have bank account is only rupees 20000.

Last Date To Exchange ₹2000 Note Ban

  • The last day to exchange rupees 2000 notes in India is 30th September 2024
  • Bank will start exchanging the notes from 23 onwards up to the value of rupees 20000 in a single visit
  • There is no upper limit on cash deposit through vending machine
  • Citizens can also use the note in shops markets and malls because it remain legal tender

FAQs ₹2000 Note Ban

What is Notebandi?

Notebandi is a situation when Reserve Bank of India has decided to stop circulating the currency across the country.

When RBI decide to stop rupees 2000 note?

The announcement has been made by Reserve Bank of India related to the notebandi on 19 May 2024 for the circulation of rupees 2000 note.

Is it the first time when notebandi is happening in India?

No, recently prior this Reserve Bank of India has been drought rupees 500 and 1000 note from the market.

What is the upper exchange limit?

There is no particular exchange limit you can change the amount you have but only rupees 20000 at a time.

From where can I exchange note?

You can visit the nearest bank branch in which you have bank account to exchange the note.

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