Online Gas Connection: LPG Gas Connection, Indane Gas, Bharat Gas

Online Gas Connection is an online service in which users can book a subscription of cooking gas online from the comfort of their home In India more than 70% of households use LPG gas in kitchens as cooking fuel. The use of LPG gas in the kitchen is considered safe and clean as compared to burning wood or cow dung cakes. In order to use LPG in the kitchen, one needs to apply for an LPG gas connection. Today in this article we will discuss online gas connections.

Online Gas Connection

What is LPG Gas?

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is known as cooking gas because it is used for cooking. In LPG, hydrocarbon gases are mixed to form a flammable mixture. The gas is clean and has a high heating value, making it an ideal fuel for cooking.

Online Gas Connection Benefits

Benefits of LPG Cooking Gas

Here we are sharing the benefits of LPG over traditional cooking fuel.

  • LPG is more environmentally friendly as compared to other cooking gas fuels like wood, cow dung cake, kerosene, etc.
  • It is a clean and safe source of cooking fuel.
  • Storage of LPG gas is easy and compact, as LPG is delivered in cylinders.
  • There is zero smoke eruption upon burning of LPG.

List of Companies Providing LPG Cooking Gas

  • Indian Oil- Indian oil is providing cooking gas under the name of Indane gas. Indane gas is the most popular brand of cooking gas in India.
  • Bharat Petroleum– Bharat Petroleum distributes cooking gas under the name of Bharat Gas. Bharat gas is 2nd most popular brand of cooking gas in India.
  • Hindustan Petroleum– HP Gas is a cooking gas brand of Hindustan Petroleum. It is also a popular cooking gas brand across households in India.

Other less Popular Cooking gas brands are as follows

  • Reliance Gas
  • Super Gas
  • Total Gas
  • Jyothi Gas

Important Documents Required for Online Gas Connection

The list of Important documents required for gas connection is as follows.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Electricity Bill Receipt
  • Bank Passbook

How to Apply For Online Gas Connection

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to Apply for Online Gas Connection

  • First, visit the official website of your desired LPG provider.
  • Register yourself on the portal of the LPG providers.
  • A homepage will appear on your screen
  • On the homepage select online new gas connection
  • Follow the instruction given on the website for a new connection
  • Enter the required details like Name, Mobile number, Email ID,
  • Upload the documents, like Aadhar Card, and Voter ID card.
  • Pay the charges for the gas connection and after successful payment, you will be notified by SMS or Email on your registered mobile number or Email ID.

Process of Refilling Empty Gas Cylinder

It is allowed for consumers who are connected to an LPG gas supply to have a maximum of one cylinder in use and one spare cylinder on hand at all times.

  • By Calling IVRS Number-Once a cylinder has been exhausted, the consumer must either call the LPG provider through the IVRS system or send an SMS to book another cylinder.
  • By Visiting Official Website-You can also book an LPG cylinder online by visiting the gas company’s website. A consumer will need to log in with his/her user ID and consumer number and follow the instructions provided on the website.
  • By Visiting Gas Agencies– One can also refill his/her gas cylinder by visiting the nearest gas agency from which they receive their LPG cylinders and book in person.
  • By Mobile App– Gas companies are now offering consumers the opportunity to book a new cylinder, and they can choose a delivery date for the cylinder.

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