OROP Pension Table 2024 Revised Table, Pdf, Latest News, Arrears

OROP Pension Table 2024 New Update | How to get a Benefits under this One Rank One Pension Scheme and Check OROP Pension Scheme Pdf

The OROP Pension Scheme, which was developed by the union government to offer an equal amount of pension to all of India’s armed forces, would be available to you if you are a successful participant in the army. On 23 December, the Indian government announced an adjustment to the One Rank One Pension scheme. According to the most current update, the list now includes 4.52 lakh additional beneficiaries. In this post you get every information regarding this OROP Pension Table 2024 such as objective, overview, benefits and much more.

OROP Pension Table 2024

The One Rank One Pension scheme has received approval from the central government. According to the updated OROP Pension Table, which was implemented on 23 December 2022 all retired soldiers in the Indian army would now be eligible to receive the same amount of pension, regardless of their rank or duration of service. 

OROP Pension Table

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OROP Pension Table: From 01 July 2019, the scheme will be available to the public and retired army officers will be eligible to benefit from this famous scheme. The expansion of this distinguished program put forth by the national government would help around 25.3 lakh people. OROP Pension Table 2024 was discussed for a very long time but owing to numerous implementation related issues it was never put into action. However, it is now fully operational.

Overview of One Rank One Pension scheme

Name of the Scheme OROP Pension Table 2024
Launched byIndian Government
BeneficiariesArmed Services Retirees
ObjectiveThe same pension is given to retired military members with the same rank and service time
Number of recipients Added4.52 lakh
New Total of OROP Pension Recipients25.13 lakh
Application Mode______
Official Website______


The Indian government’s OROP scheme aims to ensure that all retired military personnel get the same pension regardless of their rank or length of service. Prior to OROP, military pensions were computed using the pay commission’s recommendations that were in effect at the time of retirement. As a result, even if workers retired in separate years with the same rank and quantity of service time their pensions might vary greatly.

OROP Pension Table 2023

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Benefits of OROP Pension Scheme 2024

The main benefits of this One Rank One Pension scheme is given below:

  • The department has advocated for the distribution of pensions among military forces under this OROP Pension scheme.
  • The pension for prior retirees will be recalculated using the pension base for those who retired in 2013.
  • The plan’s objective is to reduce the disparity between the department’s current pension and the past retirees pension rate.
  • For retired army personnel with the same rank and comparable number of years of service in 2013 a baseline average of the minimum and maximum pensions was determined.
  • Any annuities that turn out to be better than projected will be protected by the organization.
  • The modification will benefit more than 25.13 lakh retired troops and family pensions including more than 4.52 lakh new beneficiaries.

Eligibility Criteria

The main eligibility criteria of this scheme is given below:

  • The applicant must live in India.
  • This scheme is only for military persons.

Required Documents

The main required documents  of this scheme is given below:

  • Military ID
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Details 
  • Disability Card
  • Residence Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Mobile Number

Revised OROP Pension Table 2024

RankPension as of 1st January 2016Revised Pension w.e.f 1 july 2019Likely Arrears from 1 july 2019 to 30 june 2022
Nb Subedar24,23226,8001,08,00,
Sub Major33,52637,6001,75,000
Maj.General 99,6211,09,1003,90,000

Implementation of OROP Pension Scheme 2024

Military veterans and their families worked for years to have the OROP policy enacted which happened in 2015. In addition to honoring military personnel’s service and sacrifices, the program sought to address the long standing problem of unequal pensions. The application of OROP was however, the subject of considerable contention. There were disagreements on the finer points of the scheme such as what constitutes a rank and the formula used to determine pensions. Several veterans claimed that the OROP Pension Table benefits were still insufficient.

Regardless of these differences, the OROP program has mostly been successful in giving military members a more equitable system of pension payments. The morale and wellness of retired military members, who have traditionally commonly had financial challenges, have also improved as a result. One Rank One Pension Scheme has been a major accomplishment for the Indian government and military as a whole. It has assisted in resolving an issue that many former troops had been enraged and angry about for a long time.

FAQs Pension Table 2024

How is OROP doing right now in India?

The Indian government introduced the OROP scheme in 2015 with the intention of offering retired members of the armed services with the same rank and service time identical pension benefits regardless of when they retired. Veteran’s pension calculations have changed significantly as a result of the establishment of OROP. However, according to the most recent OROP announcement for 2024, the amount has been revised.

When the 2024 New One Rank One Pension Table will be released?

In January 2024, the New One Rank One Pension Table 2024 Release Date will be available.

Where can I get the 2024 OROP Pension Table?

On the official websites www.desw.gov.in and pcdapension.nic.in, you may find the OROP Pension Table for 2024.

What has happened to the OROP revision?

There are now 25.13 lakh OROP Pension recipients. From 1 July 2022 this OROP Revision will be in effect. Premature PMR retirees who began their retirement on 1 July 2014 but who have not yet reached their retirement date as of 30 June 2019 are not included in this OROP adjustment.

What are the eligibility criteria OROP Pension Table 2024?

This scheme is only for military persons.

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