PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today June 2024 Free Rewards Codes

Players Unknown Battlegrounds is providing a PUBG Mobile Lite redeem code. For the users of Android Smartphone and iPhone, PUBG Mobile game is available on Google Play Store and App Store. You can find information about rewards and features on the official page of For today 10 May 2024 Free Rewards Codes we have given below new pubg Lite redeem code for pubg mobile redeem code. Get free ucs, weapon skins, fireworks, character skins, loot boxes, m416 skins, and more. PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today 10 May 2024 Read this article till the end to get Free Reward Code.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today 10 May 2024

Players can now get free rewards and gifts by using their PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today 10 May 2024. Using the code, players can receive free character skins, free fireworks, falcons, golden pans, treasure boxes, and other items. In order to redeem the reward, players will need their character ID in addition to the redemption code. The real-time gaming experience and engaging in-game events are key factors in the success of the PUBG Mobile game.

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As you know, clothes, weapon skins, and loot carts are all purchased items in the game, which means they require money to buy. Since not everyone can buy it with real money, Crafton has developed some PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today that players can use to get all the tempting game items. If you want to know more about pubg mobile redeem codes today then read this post completely.

Details of PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today 10 May 2024

Game Name   PUBG
Company NamePUBG Corporation
Launch DateDecember 20, 2017
RewardsYou can buy new weapons, Skins, UCs for free.
pubg rendeem codeAvailable

Pubg Lite Redeem Code Today

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today :- Online battleground gaming platform PUBG is well-known outside of its own borders. This game is played by millions of people who adore it. This game requires a lot of practice, yet people who play it for a very long time often lose. Since the majority of us do not have access to high-end computers and mobile devices, which are required to operate this game’s beautiful and detailed graphics, the developer created PUBG Lite, a more accessible version of the game.

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Attractive clothes, weapon skins, and loot karts are all purchased items, which means money is required to purchase them. Since not everyone can afford to purchase this with real money, Krafton has developed certain redeem codes that players may use to obtain all of the tempting game items. Read this post in its entirety if you want to learn more about the PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today.

What is PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

A PUBG Mobile redeem code is a type of code that can be redeemed on the official PUBG Mobile website or within the game to obtain various in-game items such as skins, outfits, and weapons. These codes are usually issued by game developers as part of events, promotions or collaborations with other brands or organizations. PUBG Mobile redeem codes are time-limited and expire quickly. They are often region-specific, meaning that a code that works in one region may not work in another. Additionally, the number of uses for redeem codes is limited, so once redeemed by a certain number of players, they become invalid.

To redeem the PUBG Mobile Redemption, players need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official PUBG Mobile Redeem Code redemption center.
  • Enter the Character ID or Player ID that is associated with your PUBG Mobile account.
  • Enter the redeem code in the specified field.
  • Verify you are not a robot.
  • Click on the Redeem button.

If the code is valid and has not expired or reached the maximum number of uses, the in-game item will be added to the player’s account.

Players Unknown Battleground Redeem Center

  • R89FPLM9S – Rewards: Companion
  • UCBYSD800 – Rewards: Free UC
  • SD16Z66XHH  – Rewards: SCAR-L Gun Skin
  • S78FTU2XJ – Rewards: New Skin
  • BMTFZBZQNC – Rewards: Drifter Set (1 day)
  • BAPPZBZXF5 – Rewards: UMP-45 Gun Skin
  • LEVIN1QPCZ – Rewards: Racer Set (Gold)
  • DKJU8LMBPY – Rewards: Silver Fragments
  • 5FG10D33 – Rewards: Falcon
  • BMTCZBZMFS – Rewards: Pretty in Pink Set (outfit) & Pink cat earphones.

Midasbuy Redeem Code

  • BBKRZBZBF9 – Rewards: Cannon Popularity
  • BOBR3IBMT – Rewards: Desert Ranger Set
  • VEZIRBEYEID – Rewards: GVK Parachute
  • ZADROT5QLHP – Rewards: Stealth Brigade Set
  • SIWEST4YLXR – Rewards: Assassin Suit & Bottom
  • BMTJZDZPPK – Rewards: Jester Hero Headgear
  • RNUZBZ9QQ (Rewards: Legendary Vehicle Skin)

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Generator 2024

  • EHFJ4PUWIJHU – Rewards: 1000 Silver Fragments
  • DKJU10GTDSM – Rewards: 2000 Silver Fragments
  • UKUZBZGWF – Rewards: Fireworks
  • ZADRQTMPH9F – Rewards: Godzilla Companion
  • ZADROT5QLHP – Rewards: MG3 Gun Skin
  • 150NEWUPDATE – Rewards: Corn Suit
  • SDYMKTKTH8 – Rewards: Andy Character
  • BMTDZBZPRD – Rewards: White Rabbit Set 
  • BPHEZDZV9G – Rewards: 1x Heart (Chicken) 
  • BDPPYTZGS9Q – Rewards: Andy Character
  • BCMCZUF8QS  – Rewards: Character Voucher Redeem Code
  • BPHLZDZSH7 – Rewards: 3 permanent Shadow Maiden Set (PUBG Mobile Pakistan)
  • BPGOZDZBDG – Rewards: Permanent Off-road Buggy (PUBG Mobile Pakistan)
  • BPGKZDZJS7 – Rewards:30 3-day Off-road Buggy  (PUBG Mobile Pakistan)
  • BPGCZDZ6JT – Rewards: 80 PMWI Lucky Crate (PUBG Mobile Pakistan)
  • BPHAZDZVQ8 – Rewards: 3000 Heart (Chicken) (PUBG Mobile Pakistan)
  • BMTEZBZPPC – Rewards: Piglet Set
  • BMTBZBZ4ET – Rewards: Jester Hero Headgear and Jester Hero Set (1day)
  • DKJU8LMBPY – Rewards: Silver Fragments
  • UCBYSD800 – Rewards: Free UC
  • SD16Z66XHH  – Rewards: SCAR-L Gun Skin
  • LEVIN1QPCZ – Rewards: Racer Set (Gold)
  • 5FG10D33 – Rewards: Falcon
  • S78FTU2XJ – Rewards: New Skin
  • BMTFZBZQNC – Rewards: Drifter Set (1 day)
  • R89FPLM9S – Rewards: Companion
  • BMTGZBZBKQ – Rewards: M416 Skin
  • TQIZBz76F – Rewards: Motorcycle Skin
  • LEVKIN1QPCZ – Rewards: Pacer Set – Gold
  • BAPPZBZXF5 – Rewards: UMP-45 Gun Skin
  • BMTCZBZMFS – Rewards: Pretty in Pink Set (outfit) & Pink cat earphones

How to Use PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today?

All the PUBG players should follow the steps given below to take advantage of their PUBG Mobile Redeem Code today.

  • First of all, players have to visit the official website of the PUBG Mobile Redemption Center.
  • After this, you have to enter your character ID and redemption code in the space provided.
  • After this, enter the verification code and click on the “Redeem” button.
  • Now the mobile redeem code will be redeemable, and you can receive it in the mail within the game.
  • Now you can use these premium items in the game.

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