SAID Payment Dates, Rates, Disability Benefit & Application

SAID Payment Dates:- The Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) program provides financial support for qualifying people with significant and permanent disabilities. It is possible for you to profit from this program by being aware of the requirements for eligibility and the application procedure. You receive all of the information related to SAID Payment Dates in this article.

SAID Payment Dates

The SAID Payment Schedule for 2024 which includes information on the SAID Payment Dates must be understood in order to facilitate efficient future planning. By offering financial support, the SAID program seeks to help people satisfy their basic necessities such as food and shelter. Families and individuals who depend on the SAID program for financial support can better manage their critical spending and finances by being aware of the payment schedule. 

SAID Payment Dates

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Additional benefits are given by the appropriate authorities according to each person’s special requirements. It is still necessary to determine the precise monthly benefits. You can visit the official website to remain informed about the payment dates for 2024.

Overview of SAID Payment Dates

ProgramSaskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID)
AuthoritySaskatchewan Government
Beneficiary Disabled Persons
Eligibility Criteria18 Years
SAID Living Fund$931 to $1759
Official Website

Objective of SAID Payment Dates

The level of tier and the SAID Payment amount for Canada in 2024 are listed below:

SAID Payment AmountLevel of Tier
$1064 to $1759Tier-A
$1009 to $1634Tier-B
$968 to $1600Tier-C
$931 to $1467Tier-D

Benefits SAID Payment Dates

SAID Payment dateMonth in 2024
28 December 2022January
30 January 2024February
27 FebruaryMarch
30 MarchApril
27 AprilMay
30 MayJune
29 JuneJuly
28 JulyAugust
20 AugustSeptember
28 September October
30 OctoberNovember
29 NovemberDecember
SAID Payment Dates

SAID Payment Rates Dates 2024 Canada

Depending on a number of variables, the aforementioned payment rates might go up or down. In order to qualify for SAID, an individual must be a resident of Saskatchewan and have reached the age of 18. The only people who can benefit from this program are disabled people.

Saskatchewan Payment Amounts

It is true that a number of variables can affect the SAID Payment Amount that recipients of the program receive. The monthly payment to program participants might range from $931 to $1,759. It’s also critical to understand that, depending on your unique situation, you can be eligible for additional living income benefits if you live with your spouse, children or partner. It’s critical to comprehend the variables that affect your SAID payment amount in order to arrange your finances and make sure you get the right kind of assistance.

Applying Procedure of SAID Payment in Saskatchewan

  • First you have to visit the Official Website of Saskatchewan Government for SAID Payment.
SAID Payment Dates
  • The homepage will appear on your screen.
  • Please ensure that you meet the requirements in order to be eligible for the SAID Payment Amount, citizens who wish to apply.
  • To find out the requirements for SAID Payment Eligibility, you may also go to the Ministry of Social Services office in your community.

FAQs SAID Payment Dates

What is SAID?

Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability is known by its acronym, SAID. It is a program that the Canadian provinces created to give money to those who have permanent impairments or who are unable to work because of their conditions.

What are the rates for 2024 SAID payments?

Based on several levels, the SAID Payment Rates for 2024 vary. Based on the tier you are in, the monthly fees might vary from $931 to $1759.

What is the disability income in Saskatchewan?


If I am not a permanent resident of Canada, may I still apply for SAID Payment?

No, only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible for SAID Payment.

How can one apply in Saskatchewan for said?

Visit the Official Website for an online SAID Payment application.

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