Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date, Matsya 6000 Launch, Objective & Images

Samudrayaan Mission Launch:- India is getting ready to launch the nation’s first human deep ocean expedition called Samudrayaan in order to explore the resources found in the deep ocean such as metals, minerals and biodiversity. This follows the successful projects of ISRO’s lunar mission Chandrayaan-3 and the solar mission Aditya-1. In this article you get every information regarding this Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date, matsya 6000 launch, benefits and objectives.

Samudrayaan Mission Launch

Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date:- India has recently finished preparing its brand new very modern Matsya 6000 submarine for the Samudra Vaan expedition. The purpose of this trip is to explore the uncharted ocean, for which the experts will travel 6 kilometers below the surface. We will perform advanced mapping and use technology to establish the level of all the resources present there and other relevant information.

Samudrayaan Mission Launch

Rashtriya Gramin Swasthya Mission

India’s government wants the blue economy to expand as soon as possible because the country is surrounded by water on three sides. In coastal regions more than 30% of the population resides. According to reports, the Indian government allocated more than Rs 4,000 crore for this expedition. This mission will be finished in two parts over the course of five years, the first of which will last three years and the second of which will last two years. The launch of the Samudrayaan Mission is scheduled for 29 October 2024.

Overview of Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date

NameSamudrayaan Mission Launch Date
Name of the MissionSamudrayaan Mission 
Launched ByNational Institute of Ocean Technology
Ministry Behind MissionMinistry of Earth Science
Vehicle NameMatsya 6000
Director MissionJitender Singh
Testing PlaceBay of Bengal
ObjectiveExploration of Resources in the Deep Sea
Application ModeOnline
Duration of Mission5 years

Objective of Samudrayaan Mission Launch 2024

This primary goal of the mission is to investigate the ocean which will need the specialists to travel 6 kilometers below the surface of the water. With the aid of technology, we’ll determine the level and all the resources that are there and we’ll carry out advanced mapping. 

Benefits of Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date

The list of the benefits of this mission is given below:

  • Samudrayaan is the name of India’s deep ocean exploration mission.
  • His purpose is to mine polymetallic nodules in the Central Indian Ocean Basin’s 75,000 SQKM area.
  • It seeks to do research on the causes of climate change.
  • A long-lasting tidal energy plant is intended to be built.
  • In addition, MATSYA 6000 (Submarine) will have 3 Oceanauts on board and they will all conduct research on the seafloor.
  • Additionally, Matsya 6000 seeks to run continuously for 12 Hours.

Schedule of Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date

The National Institute of Ocean Technology recently announced the Samudrayaan project, in which they stated that the Indian Government will now engage in ocean exploration in addition to space discovery and that the project will receive Rs 8,000 crore over the course of five years. According to the schedule for the launch of Mission Samudrayaan, this mission will begin on 29 October 2024 and the event will also be shown on television.

Who was behind the creation of Samudrayaan Mission?

A 6000 meter depth-rated Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) called Matsya 6000 and various other underwater instruments like the Autonomous Coring System (ACS), Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and Deep Sea Mining System (DSM) have been developed by the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), Chennai an independent institute under the MoES.

What is the cost of  Samudrayaan Mission?

The Deep Ocean Mission was given the green light by the Cabinet with a total projected expenditure of Rs.8,000 crores for its two phases from 2021 to 2026. The total amount allotted up to this point is Rs.1400 crore of which Rs.405.92 crores have already been transferred and Rs.225.35 crores have been spent.

FAQs Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date

On which day will the Samudrayaan Mission launch 2024?

The Samudrayaan Mission will begin in October 2024.

Who is responsible for developing the MATSYA 6000 Submarine?

Indian Institute of Ocean Technology is the company that created the MATSYA 6000 submarine.

What is the purpose of Samudrayaan’s mission?

The mission’s importance rests in its capacity to let scientists work directly in unexplored deep-sea regions and conduct research there. The Central Government’s vision of a New India which highlights the Blue Economy as one of the ten basic elements of growth is also consistent with this purpose.

What will Samudrayaan’s budget be for 2024?

The 8000 crore rupee budget for Samudrayaan Mission 2024 would be allocated in several stages.

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