Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024 – Financial Performance and Shareholding

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024:- Despite the fact that Yes Bank’s shares had dropped sharply in the preceding days, investors’ money was reimbursed since the bank had recently produced extremely strong returns on their investments. Following a lull on Thursday, buying interest in Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024 revived throughout Friday’s trade. Yes Bank’s stock saw a negative opening gap on the NSE at Rs.20.05 per share and it fell as low as Rs.19.80 per share intraday on Friday morning.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024

Yes Bank is an Indian bank where a large number of individuals have probably created an account. It is a well known Indian bank. Yes Bank is an Indian bank where a large number of individuals have probably created an account. It is a well known Indian bank. Let us state up front for your knowledge that Yes Bank is a private bank and not a government bank. Prashant Kumar is the CO of Yes Bank Rana Kapoor started the institution. Yes Bank was established in 2004 and as of 2022, employed over 24,000 people, according to statistics.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024

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One financial company that focuses on the new age payments business is called Yes Bank. It has a track record of making informed decisions and demonstrating its ability to grow commercially steadily.

These include improved corporate governance practices, increased investor trust and improved bank financial performance. The Yes Bank share price target for 2024 is as follows:

MonthsMaximum PriceMinimum Price
January 202419.6717.10
February 202420.0717.45
March 202420.4817.81
April 202419.8817.29
May 202419.5917.03
June 202420.2917.64
July 202420.0917.47
August 202420.8918.17
September 202421.7318.89
October 202421.3018.52
November 202421.9419.08
December 202422.4919.56

Financial Performance of Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024

YES Bank’s financial performance has fluctuated in the last several quarters. The bank’s interest revenue and other income have increased, but its operating and interest expenditure costs have also gone up. Over time, the bank’s provisions have changed, which has affected its profitability. YES Bank has made an effort to improve the quality of its assets by reducing both its net and gross non-performing asset (NPA) percentages. 

The bank has had some challenges in generating consistent profits, as seen by the variations in its return on assets (ROA) and net profit margins (NPM). By strengthening its risk management practices, effectively managing operational expenditures and broadening its revenue streams, YES Bank may enhance its performance.

YES Bank Shareholding

Yes, the bank has strong fundamentals, a robust balance sheet, and strong market profitability. The bank meets the minimal requirement of 11.5% and has a strong capital adequacy ratio (CAR) of 17.6%. Among Indian banks, Yes Bank has one of the lowest non-performing asset (NPA) levels at 2.3%.

  • Advertisers: 0%
  • Stores and Other: 39.14%
  • Foreign Establishment:23.10%
  • Investment Funds; 0.12%
  • Other Domestic Institutions: 37.64%

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2023

Although Yes Bank’s stock has witnessed many ups and downs, we would like to notify you that during the past few months, the company has been growing steadily. The shares of Yes Bank will enjoy a strong increase in the near future. According to the projected share price range for November through December 2023, the price might go as low as Rs.18.60 paise or as high as Rs.20.10 paise. The likelihood of witnessing a rise in the share price of the firm is rather strong.

November 2023Rs.19.50
December 2023Rs.20.10
Yes bank Share Price Target 2023Rs.20.10
Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024

When Yes Bank was founded in 2004, it began operating as a full-service bank. Yes Bank saw fast growth and expansion in its early years. Yes, bank stock prices in India were skyrocketing. The bank rose to prominence as a top private sector bank. Corporate and retail banking services were its main focus.

Yes, the bank will expand quickly in the near future. One such bank is Yes Bank, whose market share is once again increasing at a healthy rate. It’s possible that Yes Bank’s share price may rise to previously unheard of levels. Indeed Bank The anticipated share price in 2024 will surpass 24.10 paise and continue to rise.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2025

In 2025, the Yes Bank share price target is anticipated to increase from Rs 45 to Rs 55. Indeed, the bank has extended many loans. Based on historical data, it appears that this bank is giving the retail lending market more consideration than corporate loans. Which is because retail loans are thought to be more secure.

Thus, investors may benefit from the bank’s emphasis on retail lending. By 2025, the Yes Bank Share Price Target is expected to experience very strong returns based on the way the bank is presently handling retail loans. Yes Bank’s 2025 share price target is Rs.35.50. For additional growth, the Yes Bank share price target is Rs.35.50 in 2025.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2026

In 2020, Yes Bank experienced a setback as a result of financial issues that eventually caused an emergency. To preserve the bank, the Reserve Bank of India had to intervene. As part of the rescue plan, the State Bank of India led the bank. Yes Bank witnessed progress after a brief withdrawal ban imposed by an investor consortium and the RBI. Target Price for Yes Bank Shares: Rs.41.13 in 2026 The target price for Yes Bank shares in 2026 is Rs.41.13, with room for growth.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2027

Yes, the bank is making efforts to recover. Yes Bank celebrated Purnima with new investors and management following the crisis. Yes Bank was also greatly assisted by the Reserve Bank of India, which allowed it to get back on track. The share price target for Yes Bank is Rs.52.50 in 2027 with the aim of continued growth.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2028

Yes Bank demonstrated strong growth after emerging from its previous circumstances and into an advantageous position. Yes Bank has demonstrated persistent resistance over the past few days, during which time there has been a constant 400% growth.

Target Price for Yes Bank Shares: Rs.61.70 in 2028 Yes Bank’s share price target is Rs.61.70 in 2028 with room for more growth.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2029

Aim for Yes Bank’s Share Price in 2029 is Rs.67.70. Yes Bank Share Price Target Rs.67.70 in 2029 for future growth.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2030

Yes Bank’s share price has been rising quickly because the bank is steadily making progress toward recovery and under new ownership and management, is progressively attaining stability and growth. In 2023, the target will surpass Rs.80 and shift towards the long term.

Target for Yes Bank Share Price is Rs.80.00 by 2030. The Yes Bank share price target is Rs.80.00 for further growth by 2030.

FAQs Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024

Who is YES Bank’s CEO?

At the moment, Prashant Kumar leads YES Bank as CEO.

Will the price of YES Bank Stock Grow?

Yes Bank’s stock value is anticipated to increase by over 50% in 2023. Yes, by the end of 2023, bank shares may approach Rs.20.08.

What is YES Bank’s market capitalization?

A market value is attributed to the outstanding shares of a publicly traded company’s market capitalization, also known as its market cap. As of 21 October 2023, Yes Bank’s total market capitalization was Rs. 49,749 crores.

What will the future share of YES Bank be?

Although there is limited chance of seeing significant growth in the future, YES Bank is progressively improving its position which is why the share price is growing well.

What Will YES Bank Shares Target Price be In 2030?

Yes Bank has set a maximum goal price of Rs.49.90 and a minimum target price of Rs.34.93 for the year 2030.

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