What is Thermal Power Plant? Working Principles, Pros and Cons

Thermal Power Plant Introduction With the improvement in GDP, the economy in India has experienced significant growth in energy consumption after Independence. Thermal Power plant use different fuels such as coal, natural gas, diesel, etc. to convert liquid to steam to generate electric power. In today’s article, we will talk about thermal energy in India … Read more

Why the Cost of Petroleum Products is Rising? Who decides the Cost of Petrol, Impacts of High Fuel Prices on the Economy?

Introduction Cost of Petroleum Products Crude oil is extracted from beneath the earth and is taken out in the impure form. Then crude oil is cleaned through refining processes and converted into usable products. But as technology and energy demands have evolved humans became dependent on them from household to industrial levels. As petroleum products … Read more

What is Crude Oil? History, How Petroleum Products are Extracted from Crude Oil, Major Oil Producing Countries

Crude Oil Introduction One of the most important fossil fuels in the world is crude oil, it is also known as black gold. Coal is very abundantly available on the planet hence it’s not as costly as oil. Petroleum is not available everywhere. Today’s article will talk about Crude oil, its extraction, and major oil-producing … Read more

What is Fossil Fuel? History, Pros, and Cons, How Fossil Fuels are Going to Vanish One Day

Fossil Fuel Introduction Human life has been made easier only with the help of energy. From industrial sectors to household use, various energies provide us with numerous benefits in our daily lives. Fossil fuels are one of the energy sources from which humans benefit. Fossil fuel alone account for more than 80% of the world’s … Read more