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BPCL to start solar generation in 3 mths
The Tribune , 2008-08-20

BPCL to start solar generation in 3 mths
The Tribune , 2008-08-20

The consumption of power by each state in the country and it’s capacity to generate power.

An Area of Darkness
This film focuses on rural ingenuity in harnessing renewable sources of energy to light up their homes after sunset.

India receives solar energy equivalent to over 5000 trillion kWh/year, which is far more than the total energy consumption of the country.

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Energy for the poor
One of the major steps for a pro-active, time bound and concerted action to reduce poverty was when the leaders of 189 countries met in 2000 and agreed on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Energy Use in India: How are we doing?
The energy sector absorbs the largest chunk of resources invested in the Indian economy, and also accounts for the largest share of the national imports bill.

Women as solar power entrepreneurs
An initiative is underway to empower the women of the Sunderbans as entrepreneurs of solar power. This pilot project provides training and capacity building on several techno-commercial aspects of solar power to the Sunderbans women. This enables them to take solar PV-based services to remote and interior villages, and repair and maintain existing products and systems. Thusfar, this project has helped 6 women become solar entrepreneurs, engaged in a variety of businesses, such as charging and renting of solar lanterns on daily basis, designing and assembling small electronic items, and repairing solar home systems.

Electricity Running Costs Calculator
This calculator can help work out how much it costs to run household appliances. Calculate
Will introduction of 'user-friendly' public transportation system with proper connectivity help in bringing down the number of private vehicles on roads?